Artwork for "A Temporary State of Bliss" by Residuos Mentales

The craft of the artist is often characterized by a strong penchant towards curiosity, which in turn leads to the pursuit of novel ideas. As an indirect result of this, I was approached by Residuos Mentales to design the artwork for their latest musical project; Although I have never done this before, I candidly expressed my enthusiasm for the idea of an artistic partnership that would enable me to focus on some carefully crafted aesthetics which would be inspired by music.

CD face for "A Temporary State of Bliss" by Residuos Mentales

Despite its seemingly mundane nature, designing said artwork can be a complex process that involves various standards and unexpected complications, particularly when done for the first time, however Alexandros and Stratos have been exceptionally supportive, and the creative journey culminated in the final product and “the stuff of dreams” didn’t have “the missing part” although I managed to navigate “a series of self-correcting errors” while avoiding an “impending catastrophe”.

A Temporary State of Bliss by Residuos Mentales