At long last I write a little of my imaginings around the pieces of art by Alexandra. First of all, I really enjoy her work and style as it is extremely expressive on what I call an “archetypal” or “collective human” level from your Woman’s experience and perceptions.

The sensuality/sensuousness of her images/symbols are so deeply of the feminine, reflecting the power and soul of Woman and of course herself. I can only imagine she relates to the experiences deep in herself. It is always a question of how and if one lives this in the tangible, material world, i.e. one is constantly faced with the unlived facets of oneself which lie dormant in the unconscious, in the body. Part of my experience is that what one creates often is working itself in the depths of oneself, ahead of one’s consciousness! Psyche works one’s life without one knowing, “showing one the way”/destiny, if one takes time to listen and hear all that is trying to live itself from one’s deepest self.

Shells, water, earth, spirals, flowers, surely can only be the pulsating beat and soul of the essence, of the ground of the experience of Woman. A little saying from an American medicine woman: “It is law that all things must be born in woman, even things invented by men”.

I cannot see any masculine elements really in her images. So she must be working the Woman within her intensely over time! The flows are very visible, again reflecting the feminine energies, akin to a “being” state and movement.

One could say that the making of art brings life to oneself; it is like the knot in the rosary at which one’s life recites a prayer, the ever-returning proof to oneself of one’s unity, sincerity/realness and authenticity. It is coming from an inner necessity, – existing as reality, as being. It is a private work, a process expressing one’s complete individuality, which is a place of an alone experience. It is expressing that which is one’s essence and is not meant to be understood. It is like a secret, that in one which the ancient Greeks called the “Daemon” (Saying this I want to express a deep reverence and quiet respect for her, having shared her inner self through the paintings/images that she send to me.

What is most important I feel is that one’s art is the path walked along to self-discovery, following the trail of the law of one’s growth.

Returning to her works, the curves, circular movements, the “round” of the compositions for me again reflect that cyclic movement of the feminine, the workings of the woman’s psyche, no begin and no ending, unlike the essence of the masculine (directed, goal-seeking, singular, not “gathering together” but separating).